India is also concerned about human rights violations in the US: S. Jayashankar | S Jaishankar MEA India US

WASHINGTON: The United States has hit back at US references to human rights abuses in India and sanctions on Russia over its arms purchases. Jayashankar. India is preparing to buy Russia’s S-400 missile defense system despite sanctions imposed on it. The US has threatened to impose sanctions on India as well. But Jayasankar’s reply was that their law was that they should do what they could and that India would do whatever it took to secure India without fear of sanctions.

The response was that it was in the interest of American lobbies and the vote bank to address the issue of human rights abuses. ‘People have different views about us. We also know about their lobbies and vote banks. Silence will not prevail in this matter. We also have a vision for the human rights of others. “Especially when it affects our society.”

Jayasankar added that he was pleased that the US was convinced of India’s position in the Russia-Ukraine war. But he also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of public awareness on the subject. The US media and some members of Congress criticized India on the issue but did not name anyone.

‘The government and policy makers have understood India’s position. They know where India is coming from. ‘ – Jayashankar said. Jayasankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had to face a number of questions at the press conference about India’s condemnation of the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

India has stated that it is opposed to war and will use all possible means to resolve the issue. India criticized the Bucha massacre and demanded an independent inquiry.

English Summary: India too has concerns about human rights in the US, says Jaishankar


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