india sri lanka unhrc, UN resolution against Sri Lanka… World nations shocked by India’s decision! – India boycott voting on resolution which brought in against sri lanka about war incidents on 2009

In Sri Lanka last year 2009, the final battle took place between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE. Tens of thousands of Mizars were killed in it. Thousands disappeared.

In this regard, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution against Sri Lanka from 2012-21 regarding the fact that the world nations accused Sri Lanka of flagrantly violating human rights in the war that was conducted in violation of the international rules of war.

However, Sri Lanka does not seem to have taken much notice of it. Due to this, the international countries have brought a resolution against Sri Lanka in the 51st session of the UN Human Rights Council which is currently being held in Geneva.

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Resolutions were brought in the assembly including holding accountable those responsible for the human rights violations in Sri Lanka’s final war, finding a solution to the current economic crisis, and prosecuting former rulers and officials who were involved in corruption. 20 countries, including the United States and Britain, voted in favor of the resolution, while 7 countries, including China and Pakistan, voted against it.

But India ignored the referendum to the surprise of the international community. India’s ambassador to the UN, Indira Mani Pandey, read a statement in the House to explain the reason for the boycott.

In it, ‘- The efforts of the Sri Lankan government in fulfilling the promises of devolution of power to the Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka, implementation of the 13th constitutional amendment and speedy holding of provincial council elections are not sufficient. These promises should be fulfilled quickly.

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India continues to act on the principle of supporting the sentiments of Tamils ​​to find a permanent solution for peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka and since 2009, India has been helping Sri Lanka as a neighboring country for rehabilitation work and solving the current economic crisis.

Like India, 20 countries including Nepal and Japan did not participate in the referendum. Thus the resolution was passed with overwhelming support.


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