India takes over G-20 presidency: plans to hold 200 summits in 56 cities | India to chair g20 plans to hold 200 summits in 56 cities

India takes over G-20 presidency: plans to hold 200 summits in 56 cities |  India to chair g20 plans to hold 200 summits in 56 cities

New Delhi: India officially assumed the presidency of the G-20 organization yesterday. In this regard, the central government has planned to hold 200 conferences in 56 cities across the country.

The G-20 organization was launched in 1999. It includes the United States, Russia, England, Germany, France, Japan, China, India, Canada, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Australia, Argentina and 19 countries and the European Union.

The leadership of this organization changes every year. Indonesia has led the way for the past year. Following this, India officially assumed the leadership of the G-20 organization yesterday. In an article written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this occasion, he called, “There is no need for war in this age. War cannot solve any problem. All problems can be solved by working together.”

The war in Ukraine has divided the international community into two camps. One side led by the US and the other side led by Russia are engaged in conflict. India acts as a bridge of friendship between these two teams.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been calling for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine. In this regard, he has held several talks with the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Shanghai Cooperation Conference held last September. Then he said frankly that “this is not the time for war”. President Putin approved this and promised to take steps to end the war as soon as possible. Now that India has taken over the leadership of the G20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reiterated his call to “avoid war and work together” in an essay.

In this regard, the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary P.K. Mishra said: The world is facing various challenges. Under the one-year leadership of the G-20, India will take creative steps to address the challenges and issues facing humanity. Keeping this in mind, the theme of One Earth, One Family, One Future has been chosen.

G-20 related conferences will be held not only in the capital Delhi but across the country. More than 200 conferences will be held in 56 cities. A detailed consultation will be held with the Chief Ministers of the states regarding the holding of the G-20 summits. He said this.

Union External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said: There are many differences of opinion among the countries of the world. It is difficult to unite countries with different policies and ideas. The issue echoed at the recent G-20 summit in Bali, Indonesia.

Neutral countries like India are making serious efforts to bring the countries of the world together. In the international arena, mostly the voices of Western countries are heard. India is currently speaking as the representative of the southern countries. India’s experiences and guidance during its leadership of the G-20 will benefit the entire world. He said this.

US support

US President House Spokesperson Kareen said: We congratulate India on assuming the leadership of the G-20 organization. We will give full support to India. Globally there is a shortage of food and fuel. Economic stagnation persists. Let us stand by India to face these challenges.

There is currently no information about US President Joe Biden’s trip to India to attend the G-20 summits. He said this.


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