India Vs Sri Lanka: Shreyas Iyer Hit Straight Third Fifty, Record, Fans Reactions

Shreyas, who was normally considered for number four, was considered for number three in the absence of Virat Kohli. Shreyas generally has a bad reputation for not being able to play in a big strike. But it is safe to say that he changed that bad name through this series. Shreyas has taken the lead in the absence of key players in the team.

Shreyas’ batting prowess came at a time when even captain Rohit Sharma was struggling. With this, there is a good chance that Shreyas will move up to playing 11 in the T20 World Cup. But the main issue is where to play. With Virat Kohli returning to number three, it is certain that Shreyas will have to give way. India will also trust Suryakumar Yadav at number four.

When it comes to number five, wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh will get the ball. No. 6 is Venkatesh Iyer or Hardik Pandya. Ravindra Jadeja at number seven. The question of whether Shreyas should be given a chance anywhere in this is of great concern. However, the team management may not be able to get rid of Shreyas easily.

Fans are also happy with Shreyas’ performance. Shreyas’ performance has been widely reported on social media. Fans are of the opinion that India should give Shreyas more opportunities and make him a permanent presence in the team. However, another opinion is that this performance at home alone cannot be considered for the T20 World Cup.

India won the third match by six wickets. Batting first, Sri Lanka scored 146 runs in five matches while India won by 19 balls with six wickets in hand. Shreyas Iyer was the man of the match in the second match in a row. Shreyas also led the series with 204 runs from three matches. Shreyas is also expected to feature in the Indian playing XI in the Test series against Sri Lanka.


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