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UThe US dollar rallied on the back of the cry war. Other currencies saw a corresponding fall from the Indian rupee to ₹. But elsewhere, from the UK’s £ to the European Union’s €, even China’s yuan took a hit. But the value of the Indian rupee has not fallen in line with the depreciating currencies of other countries. Before we can say why, we need to understand how the dollar rose and what is the hidden malice behind it.

We use a separate currency in Sirukinar village. The Ur Panchayat has printed a total of ₹10,000. Within that will be the cost of the item. But due to the increase in the price of rice abroad due to the war in Ukraine, the prices of rice and vegetables have increased by 20%. In that case, it cannot be bought with the existing rupees. The panchayat president prints and publishes it as he wants an additional ₹2000. That is because the demand for ₹ increases.

This is happening globally. Wherever war comes, OPEC countries will raise prices. Crude oil rose from $80 to $120. You have to buy crude oil for $. Dollar demand rises sharply. USA printed $ notes for free and profited from it as panchayat president did. This is how the United States absorbed the labor of the people of the world over time. Because of that the currency of all the countries fell. You know what happened to countries like Iraq, Iran, and Libya that didn’t sell in dollars.

In that case $ demand will increase for the world countries. If so, should the currencies of India and China, which are the world’s largest importers of crude oil, have experienced a severe fall? why no? Due to the war in Ukraine, dollar trade was blocked by Russia. Not only that, US SWIFT did international money transactions (like RBI within India). But because the US imposed an embargo on Russia, it could not use the $. So India and China bought their country’s money directly. So why should we buy $ from USA when Russia accepts our ₹? So the Indian and Chinese currencies did not depreciate much as the demand for $ decreased. However, as other trades are still done in dollars, we face declines.

America destroyed countries like Iran, Iraq and Libya because they were weak and brought them under their control through military operations. But since Russia is also a superpower, that heroism could not be shown to Russia. At the same time, India and China could not be stopped from buying.

Well, now Russia and its supporting countries need an alternative currency to become the world currency in an environment where the $ can be used. You can use Russian Ruble for that. But that cannot be done in a war environment. And due to the economic embargo, the US and European countries will not come forward to buy it. No countries are ready to trust China. Then only a confident country common to both teams can do it. Therefore, Indian rupee is emerging as the common currency of the world. SWIFT will be replaced by UPAY system which will become common in the world.

How will other countries accept this? How can we say that what happened to Russia today will not happen to us tomorrow? But will they trust India? Today India is a country that is trusted by many countries in the world. From African countries, Soviet Union, Southeast Asian countries, South American countries, everything believes in India. When Modi said he was traveling from country to country, we didn’t understand what it meant then. Do you understand today? Do you remember when the poor countries of the world were struggling to buy vaccines from America and Europe, India gave them free of charge and said long live Maharasan? They said that India should import the wheat it has. If we give food to poor countries for free, not to you rich countries, then who will the world believe?
Well, will the US and European countries agree?

The time when the countries that sold the product put the condition is over. We are the world’s largest consumer at a time when buying countries are conditioning. So if it comes to our condition, we buy it, but what can we do if it goes away? Not only that, India is emerging as a country that builds fighter planes, rockets and ships through Make in India.

Yesterday we imported mobile phones, today we export them. Chip companies are coming to Gujarat. African countries invite India to manufacture lithium batteries Even if we are the next to produce it on a large scale, we have the environment to meet our demand for the next 10 years. Next, Airbus production is going to start in India.. If this continues, we will rise towards the top of the world. So the world revolves around India again. The India of that day used to own 65% of the world’s GDP and again it is going to bloom with lotus.

Let’s join hands and save the world!

wart Deivasikamani


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