Indiana offers gold bridge to Deandre Ayton, Phoenix lines up and keeps it

Restricted free agent this summer, the 23-year-old pivot accepted the Pacers’ offer of €133m over four years. Offer that the Suns immediately “matched”.

Deandre Ayton gone… to stay. If the Suns had so far refused to offer him a max contract, the Pacers did. The Indiana club has indeed offered $ 133 million over four seasons to the 23-year-old pivot, restricted free agent this summer. Offer accepted by former Arizona NCAA player, as reported ESPN late Thursday evening. As soon as the contract was signed, the leaders of Phoenix had 48 hours to line up and keep their player, or let him slip away to Indianapolis without consideration, unless they agreed to a trade.

They didn’t wait that long. As Shams Charania reports from The Athletic et Stadiumthe Suns “matched” the offer of the Pacers immediately: they intend to continue to aim for the heights with Devin Booker, Chris Paul and therefore Deandre Jordan.

Record contract

Targeted by Kevin Durant, a candidate for a trade away from the Nets this summer, the Arizona club has been affected by many rumors in recent days. And given the reluctance of its leaders to offer an XXL contract to Jordan, we had every reason to think that the future of the person concerned would be written far from Phoenix and the Suns. Missed. He becomes the contract record holder for a restricted free agent. Record that belonged so far to Otto Porter Jr, when Washington was aligned with Brooklyn’s $ 107 million in 2017.

Note that the number 1 of the 2018 Draft cannot be traded before January 15 at the earliest, and not before next season in Indiana. Last but not least, Ayton will have a right of veto for a trade for a year, he who has established himself as one of the (very) good pivots of the NBA in four years under the colors of Phoenix. Unhappy finalist with the Suns in 2020-21, he ended the past season with 17.2 points and 10.2 rebounds (58 games).


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