India’s dream will not come true if Bumrah plays alone

India’s dream will not come true if Bumrah plays alone

India lost the recently concluded ODI series against Australia by two to one (2-1). This defeat has caused great grief among the Indian fans. Because at the end of this year the World Cup will be held in India, this defeat of the Indian team has disappointed the fans.

Similarly, as many important players in the Indian team have been injured, the question has arisen among everyone as to how they are going to construct the World Cup team.

In this case, the Sri Lankan player Fernando has expressed a drastic opinion that the Indian team will not win the 50th World Cup which will be held at the end of this year if the fast bowler of the Indian team Bumrah does not play. He said about this:

If you look at the success of the Indian team in the last five years, you will understand that Bumrah has contributed a lot to it. He has been the backbone of the Indian team in many matches with the ability to take wickets at any time and turn it in favor of the Indian team.

As of now there is no clear information about what his injury is, perhaps Bumrah will have to play if the Indian team is to win the World Cup. If he doesn’t play like that, the Indian team has little chance of winning the trophy.

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Rohit Sharma and Bumrah have a good understanding with each other. Rohit has been using Bumrah at the right time for the team. It is noteworthy that Fernando has said that without Bumrah, there is no chance for the Indian team to win the World Cup. Bumrah, who has played 72 ODI matches for the Indian team so far, has taken 121 wickets.


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