Indra will equip FAMET Chinooks with new mission planning systems – Avion Revue Internacional

Indra will equip FAMET Chinooks with new mission planning systems – Avion Revue Internacional

Indra will equip the Chinook CH-47F helicopters of the Army Air Mobile Forces (FAMET) with one of the most advanced mission planning systems in existence, the Talium system, designed to multiply the efficiency and safety with which the helicopters intervene in complex scenarios. The contract has been awarded to Indra by the General Directorate of Material and Armament (DGAM) for 15 million euros.

«Information mastery provides a decisive advantage over the adversary and reduces uncertainty in operations. Talium makes it possible to easily handle huge volumes of data to plan and conduct missions in increasingly uncertain environments,” Indra sources explain.

At the operational level, the system supports decision-making, helping to determine the units, means and logistical support necessary to carry out the operation, regardless of its size or complexity. It also sequences the actions to be completed and defines the hierarchical structure.

At a tactical level, it analyzes the flight plan defined by the user and the possible threats that the aircraft will encounter, optimizing the configuration of key logistical and tactical aspects related to cargo, electronic defense systems and navigation, cabin configuration or fuel of the aircraft. helicopter and helping commanders determine the feasibility of the mission itself. The system even calculates the flight profile to follow to avoid attacks and facilitates the communications plan, choosing frequencies, coverage and type of links to use.

“Talium is ready to be installed in different configurations in command and control centers or centers deployed in the field. Its most basic functionalities can also be controlled from a simple rugged computer or from the aircraft’s own mission system. Once the planning on the ground is completed, the data is loaded onto the aircraft, leaving it ready to fly” they detail from the multinational company and add “During the execution of the mission, the system allows the aircraft, depending on the availability of data link, exchange critical data in real time with the command center and with other allied platforms, helping to maintain an updated operational image, which reinforces the coordination and security of all participants.”

The solution is also integrated with the Army’s battlefield management BMS system, national and NATO command and control systems, air defense systems, IFF, and simulators. The Spanish Tigre and NH90 helicopters are already using this advanced Indra system, which has demonstrated top-level capabilities in conflict zones. Its integration with the Chinook CH47F will multiply the advantages when managing joint and multiplatform missions. Talium is a scalable and modular solution, which can evolve to integrate new platforms, becoming a unified system for the joint operation of the entire fleet.

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