Indre-et-Loire: “computers and telephone network paralyzed”, the departmental council victim of a cyberattack

This makes the task more complicated for the agents of the departmental council of Indre-et-Loire. Its services were victims on the night of July 10 to 11, of “a major computer attack”. “All computers and the telephone network are paralyzed,” wrote the county council in a press release, published at the top of its website. It is therefore impossible to contact the various services.

“Experts, including specialized investigators from the Ministry of the Interior, are intervening at the moment to restore the various services as quickly as possible and allow the departmental council to be reachable again”, also writes the departmental council of Indre- and Loire. And the Department to specify: “The physical reception on site is maintained. »

“We can no longer be called from outside”

“There is no longer a telephone, there is no longer any internal messaging service and people can no longer call us from the outside. It’s quite embarrassing because it blocks a lot of things, ”lamented France Bleu Jean-Gérard Paumier, the president of the Department. “We had to stop everything precisely to limit the intrusion of those who try to break in. There, now, it is necessary to identify the cause, ”he also specifies.

This cyberattack, the precise contours of which are still unknown, does not seem to have been claimed for the time being. Last April, the department of Ardèche had also been the victim of a “large-scale” attack, the hackers asking for a ransom without which files would be put online (which had indeed been done). It had taken almost a month to return to a normal situation, the time to “disinfect” all the computers.


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