Industry, in April the turnover exceeds pre-Covid levels

Industry, in April the turnover exceeds pre-Covid levels

In April 2021, Istat estimates that the turnover of the industry, net of seasonal factors, increased by 3.3%, in conjunctural terms. A growth that began at the end of last year, has taken to April well above pre-Covid levels. The increase is more marked on the domestic market (+ 4.0%) than on the foreign market (+ 1.7%). On the average for the February-April quarter, the overall index grew by 4.8% compared to the previous quarter. Corrected for calendar effects (the working days were 21 as of April 2020), total turnover grows in trend terms by 105.1%, due to the comparison with the extremely low figure of April 2020. In particular, there are positive changes of extraordinary magnitude on both markets: 114.7% on the domestic market and 87.8% on the foreign one.

With reference to the main groupings of industries, in April the seasonally adjusted indices of turnover show a cyclical increase for capital goods (+ 6.1%), energy (+ 4.0%) and intermediate goods (+ 3.3%). Consumer goods remained almost stable (-0.1%), as a result of an increase in durable goods (+ 1.6%) and a modest reduction in non-durable goods (-0.5). Also for the main groupings of industries they are registered tendential increases of exceptional magnitude for all sectors: + 171.1% for capital goods, + 125.2% for energy, + 104.4% for intermediate goods and + 58.2% for consumer goods. With reference to the manufacturing sector, trend increases were recorded for all sectors of economic activity and only pharmaceuticals recorded a negative result (-1.0%).

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“The seasonally adjusted index of industry turnover – explains Istat – shows, starting from the end of last year, a constantly growing economic trend, rising in April well above the levels prior to the crisis. There are signs of acceleration on both markets, with the internal component showing greater liveliness than the foreign one. In the trend comparison on data corrected for working days, the increase is spread to all the main groups of industries, but its size reflects the comparison with the April level of last year, very low due to the health crisis “, concludes Istat. .


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