Inés Arrimadas leaves politics after the catastrophe of Ciudadanos on 28-M | Spain

Inés Arrimadas leaves politics after the catastrophe of Ciudadanos on 28-M |  Spain

2023-06-01 13:40:25

The former leader of Ciudadanos Inés Arrimadas has decided to leave politics after the formation’s crash on 28-M, when she was extinguished from all the autonomous parliaments where elections were held. The Liberal Party, in fact, is not going to run in the general elections on July 23, which has also generated great discomfort in broad layers of a party that was at the gates of the Government. Arrimadas, who assumed the leadership of CS at the end of 2019 after the departure of Albert Rivera and held it until last January —when Patricia Guasp won the primaries—, has not considered running on the PP lists for the next elections, according to party sources. “I have decided to put an end to my political stage and start a stage outside of it, after dedicating the best years of my life to serving my country”, he said this morning when announcing his return to his professional life, in which he has justified the fact that the party does not run in the elections: “It is a decision that I share, difficult, but the most responsible for Spain and the most intelligent for the liberal center space,” he added.

Arrimadas (Jerez de la Frontera, 1981) called the PP president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, by phone to congratulate him on the result in the 28-M elections, according to PP sources. But the team of the president of the popular denies that he has been offered to go on the lists. “In the past, he was raised several times,” explain sources from the PP leadership, who attribute the phone call to a “cordial relationship for many years.”

The current executive of Ciudadanos decided on Tuesday not to attend the general elections on July 23. The agreement was ratified by the CS national committee —formed by the hard core of the party and the regional presidents (50 members in total)—, including Arrimadas herself. The former president was one of the party officials who advocated at the meeting held on Tuesday for the party not to run for the 23-J elections.

After the Andalusian elections of June last year, in which the PP achieved an absolute majority, Arrimadas accelerated the process of refounding the party, which culminated last January with the holding of an assembly. A renewal that turned the formation upside down, and caused a confrontation between Arrimadas and the deputy spokesman in Congress, Edmundo Bal, for both taking organic power. Finally, Arrimadas decided not to attend those primaries and, instead, close the list led by Patricia Guasp and Adrián Vázquez, whose candidacy defeated Bal’s. Since then, both have held the reins of the party and promoted, this Monday, the order not to attend on July 23.

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Arrimadas already said goodbye to the charges and militants of his party in the VI General Assembly of CS, held in mid-January, when he handed over the baton to Guasp. With a self-critical speech, she said goodbye to her two years as president of Ciudadanos, assuming her responsibility for the poor results achieved during her term, as she had not done until then. “I apologize for any mistakes that may have been made at this stage. And I speak of my mistakes because, when one assumes the presidency of a party, he knows perfectly well that the successes and successes will always be shared. But mistakes have to be assumed in the first person. And so I do it, ”she acknowledged.

Appointed as president in March 2020 by defeating the former vice president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, in primaries, Arrimadas failed to overcome the Ciudadanos crisis, weighed down since the electoral debacle of November 10, 2019, in which the formation went from 57 to 10 deputies in just five months, when Albert Rivera was piloting the formation. During Arrimadas’ tenure, Cs continued to suffer successive blows at the polls, such as in the regional elections in Madrid, Castilla y León and Andalusia. “I have not been able to correct… my team has not been able to correct this tough, complicated situation. I voluntarily take this step because I believe that this party is going to have more options with a completely new direction,” he said last January at the party convention.

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