Infant mortality in Attappady: Death toll rises to 37 | Infant mortality in Attappadi: 37 deaths off the list

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Palakkad: The government’s infant mortality rate in Attappady has risen മായം. Official list of pregnant women who are pregnant and who are dying during pregnancy. There is no space in the hand. Government lists deaths of children above the age of two Is out. The official death toll from this year is 37. Has. Two children die in 2021 Reply by Shamsuddin MLA from the Legislative Assembly T. However, according to the Department of Health, this year alone, seven Infants and newborns have died. Five chaplain cases were also reported. As of October 31 this year, there were 22 young women in the diaspora. Pregnancy ala c. None of this is included in the government’s infant mortality rate. Three children between the ages of two and five this year Rich. This too has not come under official scrutiny.

From 2013 to October 31, 2021, there were 114 newborns. Rich. In Attappady which includes Sholayur, Puthur and Agali panchayats. There are about 35,000 such tribes. In 2013 alone, 31 infant deaths were officially reported. According to Gigi, it was close to 60. In 2013 alone, there were 77 miscarriages and 18 miscarriages. In the following years, the deaths of the infant children continued. Was captured. Death was recorded by division, citing various causes. Infant mortality due to breast cancer There is a tendency to overdo it. Beginning of pregnancy, abortion, fetal death, infant mortality The Diaspora estimates that the death toll is higher than all other deaths. The points are as follows.


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