Infiltrations at the Canzanella studio: the Municipality of Naples is deaf

twelve o’clock, March 3, 2021 – 15:42

Unusual times for Naples: useless letter from the “evicted” tailor’s shop. The testimony of Isa Danieli: magnificent atelier

of Natasha Festa

A reconstruction of Il Gattopardo with Canzanella costumes

NAPLES – Un-costumed times for Naples. Literally. The Municipality of Naples is not interested in the fate of the fifteen thousand theatrical costumes of the maestro Canzanella. Not even the time to rejoice at the news given yesterday – the unanimity in the regional council of the Muscarà motion to give “home” to the sartorial heritage and the commitment of the heritage commissioner Antonio Marchiello – that a new emergency is already emerging. In fact, the letter that the master sent to the Municipality to report the serious infiltrations on the fifth and sixth floors of the building in Piazza Sant’Eligio 7 that directly weighs on the premises intended for the exhibition part of the precious stage costumes is dated March 2, 2021. . «Fortunately – says the tailor – the water followed the course of the service wing and the stairs and did not affect the area destined for costumes. In the letter, with my son Davide, we also report a serious fault in the electrical system that leaves part of the building in the dark ».

If it rains in the wet, as they say, but now, with the intervention of the Region, can we breathe a sigh of relief? «I am very happy and grateful. I am treating some ailments, as soon as I get better I will be happy to meet the representatives of the Region who have taken charge of finding a solution ». Many, then, continue to offer even partial exhibition points to the master, such as the owners of Palazzo Doria d’Angri. «It is a beautiful residence like the Royal Palace, so elegant … they asked me to exhibit the costumes of Garibaldi and Anita and in another area those relating to the story of Luisa San Felice and Eleonora Pimentel Fonseca. A further proposal was made to me by the Incoronata Madre del Buonconsiglio Church in Capodimonte next to the already highly visited Catacombs of San Gennaro ».

Among the most beautiful testimonies that of Isa Danieli on Facebook: «Mrs. Rosa sank the scissors and cut. There was no need to add or remove. That was the right amount of fabric that was needed for Clotilde’s black dress, that of the fourth painting of the finale of “Ferdinando” designed by Annalisa Giacci. Signora Rosa was one of the expert seamstresses of Vincenzo Canzanella’s theatrical tailoring. Extraordinary laboratory of ideas, creativity and competence. It was 1986. I went back often, with the various costume designers and collaborators, because we trusted that place. We breathed the same air as those who thought the show, who wrote it, who imagined it. You didn’t have to go to Rome. What was needed was already here and it was of a very high standard and in perfect harmony. Last time, for the costume of Titania from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” designed by Annamaria Morelli, Vincenzo proudly showed me the atelier and I was assailed by the enormous amount of grace and beauty, suspended along the long corridors. Now I learn that that magnificent shop they want to evict you. It is unacceptable! It is a blasphemy! In this way, riches of work and thoughts are not wastedThe”.

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March 3, 2021 | 15:42

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