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Inventors offer more and more tools for urban mobility, and now the next Japanese version is poimo. This abbreviated word comes from the phrase portable and inflatable mobility and means an inflatable electric scooter.

The electric scooter was created by two laboratories of the University of Tokyo – Kawahara lab and Niiyama lab, as well as by Mercari R4D, a development division of the Japanese marketplace Mercari Inc. The 4D in the company name stands for Design, Development, Deployment and Disruption, which stands for Design, Development, Use and Disruption.

The electric scooter weighs 5.5 kg and can be easily folded into a regular city backpack. The process of preparing it for operation should not take more than five minutes. The Poimo is a soft, safe and lightweight device that you can carry, deploy almost anywhere, ride and then pack it back into your backpack.

Poimo is made of lightweight and durable TPU material. It is a very durable and elastic material, for example, it is used for the production of airbags in cars. All elements of the electric scooter are attached to the inflatable polyurethane – from the battery at the bottom of the body to the wheels, which contain the electric motors. The poimo naturally has a steering wheel as well as a “brain” – a controller that controls the engine and wheels.

“This is how we envision soft mobility, which is a new type of personal mobility made from soft, lightweight and inflatable materials,” comments the poimo team. “A soft shell provides a safer user experience with pedestrians and drivers; poimo is easy to carry. “

To fully trust poimo, the developers carried out a lot of additional tests – and made sure that the electric scooter is ready for urban use.

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