Inflation: “The peak has not yet passed”, recognizes Bruno Le Maire

The announcement is not reassuring for the wallets of the French. Guest of France Inter this Monday morning, Bruno Le Maire said that the peak of inflation had “not passed yet”. “It will last a few more months, it will continue to increase,” acknowledged the Minister of the Economy.

Wishing all the same to give “a perspective” to the French, he assured that a “ebb” should happen “during 2023”. As proof, Bruno Le Maire wants to see a clue in the “decline” which is beginning on “the price of raw materials”.

Prices are still likely to rise

Asked more specifically about inflation on food products, the minister confirmed that it was now reaching “double digits”. “It can go up more in the coming weeks,” he even warned. However, the Minister made a point of recalling that France was the country in the euro zone which experienced the lowest level of inflation.

Bruno Le Maire of course returned to another concern of the French: the risk of power cuts. On this, he recalled, still on France Inter, that the government’s objective was to “do everything so that there are none this winter”. An objective that depends on “all of us, with the reduction of our energy consumption”. “We can avoid cuts this winter,” he hammered, optimistic. With 37 nuclear reactors in operation this Monday morning throughout the territory, “we are in the right direction”, judged the minister.


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