Influenza virus activity has decreased in the State of Israel

by time news

There has been a decline in the activity of the observed influence in Israel. The decrease is reflected in a decrease in the number of new hospitalizations added in the past week and a decrease in flu-like morbidity in the community. This is an early decline compared to previous seasons, and is probably due to the morbidity situation in Corona, which dictates a social distance maintained by the public, absences from schools and workplaces and wearing masks.
According to the National Center for Disease Control, from September 2021 to the last week, a total of 4,143 hospitalized patients were diagnosed with influenza, including 1,036 children and adolescents under the age of 18 and 253 pregnant women and women.
Most patients were infected with the influenza A virus, which was identified in the Central Virus Laboratory as a sub-type A / H3 influenza, which is included in the influenza vaccine given this season in Israel.
Despite the decline in patient numbers, keep in mind that the flu virus can cause serious illness, such as pneumonia, other respiratory complications, myocarditis and even death.

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