Infonavit Asks to Change the VSM Credit to Pesos Before the End of this Year – Diario Cambio 22 – Peninsula Libre

Infonavit Asks to Change the VSM Credit to Pesos Before the End of this Year – Diario Cambio 22 – Peninsula Libre

2023-10-01 16:41:12

Olivia Vázquez/CHANGE 22

CANCUN, Q. ROO, October 1.- More than one million 600 thousand active loans in Infonavit, continue to operate under the times minimum wage (VSM), which means that workers face increases each year, making their housing credit a unpayable debt, hence Infonavit once again intensified the promotion of the Shared Responsibility program that converts the balance of the
debt to avoid modifications. All this prior to the end of the year. In this sense, it was reported that each year, credits denominated in VSM register an increase linked to the increase in the minimum wage or the unit of measurement and updating (UMA), which increases the cost of housing credit each year, which is why it is urgent these borrowers to change or convert their debt into pesos to freeze the monthly payment and have a lower interest rate.

This program has been promoted since the previous year, however there is still a large universe of workers who have not made their change. From 2019 and at the end of August of this year, more than one million 076 thousand people have converted their credit from Times Minimum Wage (VSM) to pesos, which represented discounts on the balance of their financing for more than 79 thousand 222 million pesos. has benefited 28,329 people in the state of Quintana Roo with the conversion of their Minimum Wage Times (VSM) credit to pesos.

However, it was starting in 2022, with the opening of the Universal Shared Responsibility Window and the relaxation of the requirements to access the program, when most of the financing was converted.
It was reported that the beneficiary borrowers received discounts on their debt for more than 1,748 million pesos. At the end of April, 67,537 loans could be converted from Times Minimum Wage (VSM) to pesos in the entity.

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