Infonavit: Presents new debtor support scheme

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2023-09-19 12:28:45

The Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) launched a new program to support workers who have between one and nine unpaid monthly payments on their mortgage.

Through the “Clean Slate” program, those monthly payments that were stopped are transferred to the total balance of the mortgage and the worker continues paying normally.

That is, those missed payments are “erased” and the worker’s credit history automatically improves.

The monthly loan payment does not increase and the mortgage continues to be paid normally until the loan is paid off.

According to Carlos Martínez Velázquez, general director of Infonavit, there are 128 thousand workers who can access this program.

Workers who can benefit from this program must have exhausted the six-month unemployment insurance resource and it does not matter whether they currently have an employment relationship or not.

It is also necessary that the credit is not in any legal process and that the worker has at least 12 monthly payments to pay.

Martínez Velázquez explained that those 128 thousand potential credits from receiving this support are those accumulated today, since this figure is being updated.

“As time goes by there will be others that will come up with this feature. “It is a dynamic universe that changes as the composition of the portfolio changes,” he explained.

Workers who let their credit be paid

The main reason why workers stop paying their credit, he added, is the “employment dynamics”, since no worker wants to stop paying, but some lose their jobs or live in houses where they were promised water and other services that they do not have.

According to Infonavit, borrowers who owe up to nine monthly payments contribute 6.1% of the Institute’s past due portfolio index; while people with more than 10 missed monthly payments participate with 12.7 percent.

The general director of Infonavit recalled that for people who owe more than nine monthly payments there are other types of restructuring and support programs.

Likewise, he called on those who still have credits in Times Minimum Wage to convert them to pesos, since there are still 1.6 million credits that can be changed to pesos.



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