Information about petrol-diesel price reduction

Fuel price

Price of petrol and diesel 70 by Rs Anand Palitha, the coordinator of the United Trade Union Alliance, has said that it can be reduced.

In the world market of lubricating oil He said that since the price is selling at 27 US dollars per barrel, the price of all the fuel brought into the country can be reduced by 70 rupees.

He also pointed out that there should have been a change in the fuel price on the 15th due to the fuel price formula introduced by Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara.

Reduced fuel prices in the global market

Its benefit is due to lower fuel prices in the global market The people of the country He said that the price of fuel can be reduced by 70 rupees.

A liter 95 petrol and super diesel are taxed at Rs 80 and Rs 67 respectively.

Similarly, the price of one liter of kerosene 220 form Planned to increase.

He also accused these activities of questioning the livelihood of various people.

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