Infosys Joins Layoffs: How Many Do You Know?

Infosys Joins Layoffs: How Many Do You Know?

Infosys has made a shocker by firing newly hired employees.

Software companies are laying off their employees to escape the risk of inflation around the world. Various companies including Amazon, Google, Swiggy, Spotify are also reducing employees.

Along these lines, it has been reported that about 600 employees of Infosys have been dismissed for failing to pass the assessment test conducted for the training of recently recruited employees.

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A dismissed employee said that last August 150 people joined me for training. Out of this group, only 60 passed the exam. All others have been dismissed.

A few days ago, Wipro laid off 450 entry-level employees, and Infosys has also laid off 450 entry-level employees, creating a stir among IT workers.

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of this year, 95508 employees belonging to 308 companies have been laid off.


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