“Initial signs of a decrease in booster efficiency”; The Ministry of Health denies

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Against the background of the increase in the coefficient of infection in recent days, medical sources have raised the concern that we may be witnessing a decline in the effect of the booster vaccines on the corona virus. If so, the Ministry of Health claims that there are currently no signs of this phenomenon.

Researchers monitoring the effectiveness of the booster point out that even if there is a decrease, it is expected and there may be other components of the immune system for which the effectiveness against corona is maintained. At Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, research is beginning on “effective antibodies,” antibodies that also have a role in coronary defense.

A senior health ministry official noted that “there are currently no signs of a booster effect fading and this is unlikely as it is too early for it to be something that will affect the coefficient of infection”, adding “”

Prof. Gili Regev-Yohai, director of the Infection Prevention and Control Unit in Tel Hashomer, who is leading the research on antibody levels, noted: We will have information.

“The decrease in the level of antibodies is expected over time and it is really not worrying because we are looking not only at the antibodies but also at other things like the meaning of the antibodies and their quality. At the moment the data is very reassuring and should not cause concern.”

Vaccines in Be’er Sheva // Archive photo: Yaniv Zohar

Regarding the date of the fourth vaccine, if we need to, Prof. Regev-Yohai edited: “It will not be 6 months but more than that. If it will be ten months after the booster, a year or two – I still do not know the answer.”

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Prof. Dror Mevorach, director of the Corona and Internal Medicine Department at Hadassah Ein Kerem, added: “There is no evidence that the level of protection from the booster is declining. On the contrary, we have seen type B memory cells that have developed That the booster did not go down. I expect the booster vaccine to last longer than one thinks and the reason for the outbreak right now is the same reason that is happening in this epidemic, that there are local outbreaks, which are currently mediated a lot through children. The big question is whether the infection coefficient of 1.02 will continue to rise to 1.2-1.1, and then there will be an eruption of a fifth wave. “


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