Inna Churikova appeared in Switzerland wearing an incredible hat

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Gleb Panfilov brought a film based on Solzhenitsyn to Locarno

On the evening of August 13, at the 74th International Film Festival in Locarno, the world premiere of the film “One Hundred Minutes from the Life of Ivan Denisovich” by Gleb Panfilov based on the story of Alexander Solzhenitsyn “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” will take place. The famous married couple – Gleb Panfilov and Inna Churikova – arrived in Switzerland the day before, without fear of the many obstacles associated with the pandemic.

The master and his wife strictly observed epidemiological requirements in Moscow and rarely appeared in public places. But they couldn’t help coming to the premiere in Locarno. Accompanied by their son Ivan Panfilov, director and producer based in Great Britain.

Inna Churikova, on the very first evening of her stay, appeared in a luxurious hat, like a diva of the golden age of Hollywood. In a few hours, as soon as it gets dark, her whole family, together with the leading actor Philip Yankovsky, will present a film adaptation of Solzhenitsyn in the open air. Panfilov’s film is shown in the out-of-competition program. The festival has already shown a documentary film about the documentary filmmaker Alexander Rastorguev, who died in the Central African Republic, filmed by his wife Yevgeny Ostanina.

The main competition involves two Russian films – “Medea” by Alexander Zeldovich and “Gerda” by Natalia Kudryashova. Film crews are invited to the festival only for three days, and you have to constantly take tests, going to photo calls, press conferences and other events. Staying at a film festival now costs a lot of nerves.

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Gleb Panfilov and Inna Churikova in Locarno. Photo: Elena Slatina

Natalia Kudryashova is not only a director, but also an excellent actress, whose talent was noted at the Venice Film Festival with the award for Best Actress in the film The Man Who Surprised Everyone. In Locarno, her film “Gerda” was seen by the director of “Irreversible” Gaspard Noé and wrote a letter where he said that the film inspired him, that he was sad and scary at some moments. Noé called her an incredible actress and expressed his hope for a quick meeting somewhere in the festival orbits, when you can sit with a glass of wine and talk about cinema.


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