«Innovation and training should invade everything»

Ángel Ferrera distinguished himself by putting into practice innovative ideas for the time in business management. / C7

He always defended that communication and ‘marketing’ were essential in business activity

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Ángel Ferrera was always clear that the best business idea needed to know how to sell itself. And that not only happened through a successful commercial strategy but also through communication. This explains why his enormous business activity included the creation of a cluster of communication and ‘marketing’ companies.

In 2011,
in an interview with this newspaper on the occasion of the first year of that cluster, Ferrera sentenced: «Innovation and training should invade everything». At that time, he already warned that the situation made it necessary “to analyze what has happened, and to what extent, from our position as main actors in economic activity, we could rescue a lesson learned from this devastating scenario clearly marked by the global financial crisis, but also for wanting to solve new problems with recipes from the past, which no matter how recent it may be for us, have definitely been left behind».

His recipes for a context of crisis were clear: “We have to act decisively,
imposing new formulas of action and business relationshipdefining new interlocutors with the sectors that generate wealth, with all public institutions and, of course, with universities or other knowledge centers».

In his words, something emerged that in recent decades has been a kind of Guadiana in the economic, social and even political debate on the islands:
the possibility of another economic model. «To redefine our economic model», Ferrera pointed out, «adapted to a situation based on competitiveness and productivity, in the specialization of sectors where the experience of these years allows us to quickly adapt to a context where innovation and training should invade it all. In this sense, innovative groups such as clusters can occupy that space, in promoting business relationships in strategic sectors for the time in which we live and towards projects that promote the diversification and internationalization of companies in emerging sectors.

Why one of communication and ‘marketing’ in the Canary Islands?, he was asked. “The
communication and marketing they are cross-cutting elements of economic activity”, emphasized Ferrera. “The islands, due to their geographical and sociological particularities and economic and fiscal regime, have developed a relationship model for brands and consumers that identifies it as unique compared to other national territories.”

«The weight of Canarian companies in transport, food, distribution or tourism, maintains leadership positions in billing quotas and advertising investment. On the other hand, some multinationals with a historical presence on the islands have relied on
local partners for your expansionor have developed local structures for sales and ‘marketing’ policies differentiated from the national territory, configuring the Canary Islands as a true State for communication and marketing activities».

«Many own brands and other multinationals with local language configure a differentiated reality for the Canarian market of advertisers, the first sector in the cluster. The agency market has also had a specific weight in the development of the entire sector. The market for advertising creation and media management and purchase has promoted the consolidation of solid advertising companies and prevented the expansion of multinationals on the islands, despite some significant attempts. These peculiarities forced us to constitute ourselves as a group».


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