INPS: loss of 660,000 jobs per year in December

A job loss was measured in December, compared with the same month in the previous year, equal to 660,000 units, result of a positive result for permanent contracts (+259,000, since it returns to growth in December due to the large volume of transformations) and a clearly negative result (-919.000, again deteriorating in December) for all the remaining contractual types, among which the intense contraction of fixed-term employment relationships stands out (-493,000 between intermittent, temporary and temporary contracts). It can be read in the INPS precarious office.

The annualized balance, i.e. the difference between hires and terminations in the last twelve months, shows the trend change in job positions (the difference between the job positions in existence at the end of the month observed compared to the similar value at the same date of the previous year) . This index, which was already decreasing during the second half of 2019, it turned negative in February (-27,000) and worsened due to the health emergency in March (-283,000) and even more so in April (-623,000). This negative trend continued, albeit slowing down, and reached its lowest point in June (-812,000). In July, an opposite trend began (- 758,000) which continued slowly until the end of the year.


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