Inps scholarships for University Colleges are on the way

The new Inps call has been published which makes 597 scholarships available to the children of employees and public pensioners for the partial or total coverage of the fees of the 52 University Colleges of Merit recognized by the Ministry of University and Research and represented by the Conference of University Colleges of Merit (Ccum). The call, which expires on 10 August 2021, provides, depending on the ISEE income, offers contributions up to a maximum of 12,000 euros for the next academic year. The CCum explains that these scholarships, which can cover up to over 90% of the total expenses, will be paid to the beneficiary students also in subsequent years for the entire duration of the academic career, subject to maintaining the merit requirements set out in the announcement.

The granting of the scholarship is subject to the students passing the admission competitions to the Colleges that assess academic merits and the motivations of the students, regardless of income. To apply, students must not be more than two years late in their school career; they must be unemployed or unemployed on the date of submission of the application; they must not be over the age of 26 on the expiry date of the call; they must not have been removed from a collegiate structure for disciplinary reasons.

Furthermore, students must not have had any criminal convictions or have no criminal proceedings pending; they must not take advantage of any scholastic benefits, in cash or in services, of a total value of more than 6,000 euros, provided by the State or by other public or private Bodies and Institutions for the academic year 2021/2022 and must not be assignees of a place in the Collegio in the structures owned by the INPS.

Regarding ‘off-site’ students in Italy, the CCum reports that there are 1.7 million university students today, of which 570,000 are out of office. The beneficiaries of scholarships are approximately 223,0003. Considering that the places available in university students and colleges are about 40,0004, it emerges that at least 300,000 off-site live in rented apartments, without receiving scholarships, with expenses between 6,500 and 8,000 euros per year (food, accommodation, utilities, internet) 5.

One year in a college of merit, taking into account that the scholarships provided by these structures cover from 30 to 100% of the expenses, it has an average remaining cost, borne by the children, between 5,000 and 6,000 euros including personalized training course, food, lodging, utilities, internet, use of the study and leisure areas inside the structures.

The University Colleges of Merit are residential structures intended to host students from Universities and Higher Education Institutions
Italian, state and non-state, who during their studies demonstrate particular skills, motivations and commitment, obtaining excellent results. 97.5% of the students of the university colleges of merit find work one year after graduation. 95.3% graduate within the timeframe set by their course of study.


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