Insigne’s dance and shots by Berardi-

The report cards of the Italian national team after the 2-0 home game in Parma against Northern Ireland.
Two saves in a few seconds defrost him at the start of the second half: ready immediately. But with his feet he risks a thrilling game.
FlorenziThe band is a prairie and he gets a taste for it: soft the first ball for Immobile; the one for Berardi kicks off at 1-0. Inspired.
Bonucci Enter the club of the Italian centenarians with a pipe in his mouth: in front there are two points of the English C. Elementary, Leo.
ChielliniThe Anglo-Saxon opponent makes him feel the taste of shoulders and scrums in the area.
Emerson Florenzi steals the show. However, he has an opportunity to score with his head: just out of the way.

2022 World Cup draws: Italy’s opponents. All about Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania

Pilgrims Do I throw myself or don’t I throw myself? There would be space, he does not fully exploit it, with somewhat predictable movements. Seen in this way, it does not undermine Barella’s post.
LocatelliPlay at a slow pace, suffer a little pressure and double up, with some strangely inaccurate plays: a wrong support at the beginning of the second half risks reopening the game. Intermittent.
VerrattiIt accompanies well the movements of Insigne and Palmieri. But he also dozes off from time to time.
Berardi the first of the Mancini era to score for three games in a row: he does it by freeing himself with a perfect movement and scoring with a smart and powerful left foot. Continue, even as an assist man. If a candidacy to enter the 23 of the European Championship comes loud and clear.

6,5Immobile Unlocks after sixteen months: the goalkeeper accomplice, but the left dry, powerful. The angry exultation would perhaps deserve a sequel, which does not arrive. For he tries to the last.
BadgeIt is centered as per left-handed script, dancing far too lightly between the lines. The incisiveness comes in the restart, with the ball for Immobile’s 2-0. Helpful.
Stretcher The midfield vivacchia and the coach relies on him to rekindle it.
Mancini Italy picks up where it left off, even if this time it doesn’t steal the eye. But perhaps better this way: it is difficult to think of a drop in tension in Bulgaria and Lithuania.

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