Instagram plans to return a chronological feed of posts

The social network Instagram plans to return users the ability to view content in chronological order, reports TechCrunch, citing a statement by the head of the service, Adam Mosseri, during a hearing in the US Senate.

“We believe in increased transparency and accountability and believe in more control. Therefore, we are now working on a version of the timeline, which we hope to launch next year, “- said Mosseri, answering the question whether it is possible to use the service without” manipulation by algorithms. “

He added that the service plans to introduce a chronological feed in the first quarter of 2022. In this form, the content was offered to users until 2016.

On December 7, Instagram announced new features to protect teens: the app will prohibit users who do not follow them from tagging teens’ photos, launch the Take a Break feature, and allow parents to set time limits for using the service. On July 27, the company announced that now the accounts of new users of the platform under the age of 16 will automatically be closed to those who are not on the friends list. This approach is expected to protect adolescents from unwanted adult contact.



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