AGI – From Tuesday, Instagram will kick off a test in various countries, including Italy, for extend the duration of the reels to 60 seconds: double the current duration. For those who use the platform professionally, some Insights updates will be launched in the coming months to help content creators and businesses better see and evaluate their Instagram results on Reels and Live.

As for Reels, new metrics will be introduced such as the number of plays, accounts reached, likes, comments, saved content and shares. For Live broadcasts, the number of accounts reached, the peak of views, comments and shares will be made available. These metrics will also be included in account insights, providing a bigger picture of how Reels and Instagram Direct can affect an account’s performance over time.

In the coming months they will also be made available within the Insights new preset time options for content analysis, expanding statistics beyond the last 7 and 30 days. We will also start supporting Insights on the desktop.


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