Intel will invest in Italy, Giorgetti confirms the deal

by time news – In the run-up to rumors, it was finally the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, who confirmed that Intel could choose Italy for a new microchip assembly plant. “The negotiation is there, there have been a series of meetings, but I think it would have been better if these rumors had not come out. Confidentiality helps in these cases”, said the head of the department of via Veneto during his visit. in the United States.

According to Reuters, which first picked up the indiscretion, the investment, with a share of the public contribution, would amount to at least 4 billion euros, which could, however, double based on the size of Intel’s presence in Europe. The actual production of the components will be concentrated in Germany, most likely in Dresden. Mirafiori or Catania, where StMicroelectronics already operates, would instead be in the running for the lease of the Italian plant. The Italian factory could employ over 1,000 people directly. And the government is trying to convince Intel by offering concessions on the cost of energy and labor. The goal would be to close the agreement by the end of the year.

And the Modern hypothesis

But there is not only Intel on Giorgetti’s agenda. During his visit yesterday to the Moderna plants in Boston, the minister also spoke with the biotech company of possibility of opening a production chain in Italy. “We held these meetings at the Moderna headquarters, there is this interest that confirms our credibility, but on our part there is not only the goal of having a factory that produces the drug, but to start a research and development process“, has explained.

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According to Giorgetti, “there are important expectations towards Italy“and” there is an important effort, including by the government, of infrastructural reconstruction that includes the ethical and cultural spheres.

Research, technologies and culture are challenges that we must try to win “, he observed.” If Moderna, to name a name, or if Intel, to name another, decide or decide to locate in Italy, they do so simply because they believe it can to be an ecosystem capable of continuously producing innovation “.


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