Intelligence of Ukraine named the timing of the alleged invasion of Russia

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The invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine may occur in late January – early February, said Kirill Budanov, head of the main intelligence directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, in an interview with the Military Times.

Budanov believes that Russia can launch an attack with artillery and air strikes and amphibious assault in the area of ​​Odessa and Mariupol. An offensive from the territory of Belarus is also possible.

More than 92,000 troops are concentrated near the Ukrainian border, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service said. In addition, military equipment is being pulled into Crimea, including Iskander missile systems.

Russia will try to organize rallies and protests “to show that people are against the government,” Budanov said. In his opinion, the actions against mass vaccination against coronavirus were organized by the Russian Federation.

“They want the situation in Ukraine to deteriorate all the time, and to ensure that the Ukrainians themselves change power. If they fail, the army will take over, ”Budanov said.

Earlier, US intelligence warned European allies of a potential Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the likelihood of which increases as the temperature falls. It could happen within a few weeks, CBS News reported. The article says that “tens of thousands of Russian military personnel” are concentrated on the Ukrainian border. The representatives of the special services believe that in this way Russia is preparing for the invasion of Donbass.

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Foreign media publications about the buildup of troops on the border began to appear in October. One of the latest, an article by La Reppublica, was commented on this week by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. She denied the statement about the creation of a Russian military base 260 km from the border with Ukraine and stated that the Ministry of Defense would redeploy the Russian military on its territory, which did not violate the requirements of international obligations.


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