Intel’s A-GPU lineup rivals Nvidia with aggressive price, performance and design – Gamereactor

Intel’s Arc GPUs, which have been known for a long time, seem to hit the sweet spot in terms of price, design, power consumption and at least design, some of the most subtle in a long time – and with Nvidia The RTX 40 series launched on the same day as bold – really bold. It’s aimed at the mid-range market, and while pre-production samples have been criticized for poor drivers, everyone who’s touched the product agrees that it packs a ton of computing power, especially at a given price point.

However, critics point out that Intel has overlooked its actual main competitor, AMD’s 6000 RX series, which is known for its extreme explosiveness and impressive raw computing power even in entry-level models, And the apparent omission of rival AMD cards has led some to speculate whether Intel wants customers to forget all of that.

The A750 is $289 and the A770 is $329.

Reviewer availability has been low, especially in Europe, but newbies and serious players in the GPU market are always welcome.


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