Intensive care beds occupied by corona patients: Cancer surgery canceled

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At the last minute on Wednesday, an operation in a Viennese hospital on an Upper Austrian who was seriously ill with cancer was canceled. The reason: the hospital’s intensive care unit was occupied with Covid 19 patients and the bed intended for the cancer patient was not free, reported the Kronen newspaper. In the evening, the person concerned also described in the ORF his case.

The patient is Thomas Stadlbauer, until recently the office manager of Upper Austria Regional Councilor Stefan Kaineder (Greens), his office confirmed. The vital intervention for the 46-year-old was scheduled for Wednesday. The hospital had no choice but to discharge the patient who had already been prepared for the operation.

“Covid patients occupy the last intensive care place”

On the way back to Linz, he informed friends and acquaintances: “I was just stopped on the way to the operating room and sent home because the Covid patients are occupying the last intensive care place,” she quoted Krone from the communication. Stadlbauer showed full understanding for the hospital staff. “What I have never understood is that corona deniers and opponents of measures never think that vaccination is about external and self-protection. It will only be the compulsory vaccination that frees us – and this comes much too late due to the weakness of the policy ”, he was quoted further.

He also couldn’t understand why one rejects a “vaccine administered billions of times”, but “can easily be vaccinated against diseases for vacation trips, no matter how well tested a vaccine is”, he expressed his disappointment. “But I don’t care, because it’s about my life and about whether I can see my children grow up,” says the seriously ill father-to-be.

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