Inter beat Parma, now they are +6 from Milan

by time news – Inter beat Parma at home, center the consecutive week victory and consolidate even more the first place in the standings, reaching +6 on Milan second. At the Tardini it ends 2-1 with the Sanchez’s decisive brace at the beginning of the second halfOn the other hand, the local goal by Hernani was in vain, who tried to restore hope to his own, however, authors of a good test of character. On Monday there will be one of the first important championship exams for Conte’s men, who will receive an Atalanta in great shape at San Siro.

The Nerazzurri immediately try to intimidate the Emilians, but the hosts do not allow themselves to be crushed in the half of the field, trying to come out whenever possible. In the first minutes the ducals claim an alleged penalty (not granted) after a contact between Barella and Man, then at 15 ‘they go one step away from the lead with Kurtic, whose header with a sure blow is rejected by Handanovic in a big way.

After half an hour, Conte’s team also wakes up, who in a few moments touches the goal with Skriniar and Perisic, rejected by the yellow-blue wall. At the beginning of the second half, Inter need just over a quarter of an hour to send another success to the archive, thanks to Sanchez’s brace who practically risks cutting Parma’s legs. The Emilians, however, are not there and at 71 ‘they re-enter the race with the goal of Hernani, who hits the fly on a cross from Pezzella overtaking Handanovic for the 1-2. D’Aversa and his team believe in it until the end, but the last desperate assaults on the Nerazzurri are not lucky. Inter celebrates and flies higher and higher in the standings.


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