Inter-Juventus, Var storm. Moviola, Cesari: “Penalty”. Marelli: “It shouldn’t have been awarded”

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Inter-Juventus, Var storm. Moviola, Cesari: “Penalty”. Marelli: “It shouldn’t have been awarded”

The Italy of the ball splits on rigor for the Juventus against theInter (Dybala scores, draws Dzeko’s goal and sets the final score at 1-1): was there or wasn’t there? The Where should or should not have intervened on the intervention of Dumfries to the detriment of Alex Sandro? Let’s see what two great former referees and moviolists have said.

Inter-Juventus, Cesari: “Dumfries’ penalty is a penalty, the Var must intervene”

The penalty for Juventus against Inter second Graziano Cesari it’s right. “After the fall of Alex Sandro in the area, the referee makes sweeping gestures to continue, on the contrary, says cheer up that nothing has happened. At this point the Var recalls Mariani who concedes the penalty. Dumfries’ right foot hits that of the Juve player. Ingenuity is absolutely punishable “, Graziano Cesari explained to Pressing. “From the attitudes of the referee on the field it is clear that the referee did not see well, so we are faced with a clear and evident error: this is why the Var intervenes”. “At the end of the game an Inter manager goes to ask the referee for explanations, who replies:” This is a clear penalty – the words of Cesari to Pressing – We must distinguish when there is an objective fact – a football – and a subjective data – such as the extent of a push. Here the Var must intervene because there is a clear mistake by the referee inside the penalty area. If it had happened outside the area, the Var would never have intervened “.

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Inter-Juventus, Marelli: “The penalty? VAR used badly, it was not to be awarded”

The former Serie A referee, Luca Marelli he believes that the Inter-Juventus penalty should not be awarded. “There is a contact, and it cannot be denied. But you have to think about what the VAR is, this is not an episode of clear and obvious error. This is slow motion, and the VAR was not born to do slow motion. these are the penalties to be assigned, in my opinion “, his words to Dazn.


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