Interest in science is encouraged in students of the UAEMéx

Interest in science is encouraged in students of the UAEMéx

2023-06-10 01:31:08

Bringing science closer to everyday life allows us to approach and understand our environment from a critical perspective, said the Teaching Coordinator of the Institute of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Paula Ximena García Reynaldos, when giving the conference “Science, teaching and dissemination: scientific communication and its role in the formation of informed citizens” to students of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMéx).

At the “Cuauhtémoc” Campus of the UAEMéx Preparatory School, the researcher and teacher explained that science is not limited to those who study it, so its dissemination should be generalized to society, with the purpose of making decisions adequate and promote flexibility of thought.

In this sense, he indicated that the importance of the work of disseminating science is that it allows us to be interested in it and, in this way, to recognize and generate a critical sense in the face of the diversity of information that human beings face minute by minute through of the media and social networks.

The speaker exemplified the diversity of information and misinformation that was generated around the creation of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, which caused people to give up or feel afraid to get it because they were unaware of the process involved in its creation, the quality and research standards that must be met so that the doses could reach the users.

The also teacher invited high school students to be interested in science beyond their academic profile.

García Reynaldos is a doctor in Chemical Sciences from UNAM, she is a teacher, researcher and popularizer of science.

Present during the conference were the director of the “Cuauhtémoc” Campus of the UAEMéx Preparatory School, Raúl Juárez Toledo, the director for the Internationalization of Research and Advanced Studies of the UAEMéx, Mariana Ortiz Reynoso and the university community in general.

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