Intermarché undertakes to take over a greater number of stores from the Casino group

Intermarché undertakes to take over a greater number of stores from the Casino group

2023-05-26 17:51:08

The Saint-Etienne distributor entered into conciliation to renegotiate its heavy debt. The Mousquetaires group could take over up to 180 stores, he specifies. It will also invest in capital.

The Musketeers to the rescue of Casino. At the end of the exclusive negotiations started on April 24 with the distributor in difficulty, the independent group, owner of Intermarché and Netto, has revised upwards the number of stores that it could take over from the Saint-Etienne distributor, to 180. It has also undertaken to invest 100 million euros in equity in the Casino group, as part of its future funding round.

The Saint-Etienne distributor entered into conciliation on Friday to renegotiate part of its heavy debt (6.4 billion euros). Casino has obtained the agreement of its creditors so that this conciliation is not considered as a default. The Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky proposed to him on April 24 to carry out a capital increase of 1.1 billion euros, to which he himself would contribute up to 750 million euros. But he posed as a sine qua non condition that Casino obtains “ a very substantial reduction in its unsecured debt of 3.6 billion euros.

450 to 470 million euros earned by Casino

Les Mousquetaires, initially associated with the alliance project with the Casino group initiated by Teract (controlled by the InVivo cooperative), are contributing their stone to the building. They will contribute to the round table of the Saint-Etienne distributor to the tune of 100 million euros. A right of entry into exclusive negotiations in a way. But while Teract initially wanted to invest 500 million euros in a structure detached from the Casino group which would only include the perimeter of the French stores, the Mousquetaires will ultimately invest at the level of the Casino group, at the same level as Daniel Kretinsky. They will thus become minority shareholders of the group.

According to our information, the Musketeers do not intend to invest more than the 100 million euros on which they have just committed via the Teract project. But this one is not abandoned by the Musketeers. ” The Teract project is still of commercial synergy interest “, explains Thierry Cotillard. The wheat collected by InVivo could, for example, supply the Mousquetaires mills, while Louise bakeries, belonging to Teract, could be set up near its stores. The founders of Teract, Moez-Alexandre Zouari, Matthieu Pigasse and Xavier Niel, also plan to invest at the level of the Casino group. The 500 million euros of investment initially mentioned should be revised upwards.


Les Mousquetaires will also take over more Casino stores than initially planned. They thus secure the stores that they wish to take over from the group, as it enters into conciliation. On the Casino side, it’s as much more fresh money, and less sources of losses. Between the proceeds from the sale of the stores and the capital contribution of Les Mousquetaires, the Saint-Etienne distributor should receive between 450 and 470 million euros over the next three years.

The agreement signed with the group provides that Intermarché will take over 120 to 180, specifies the independent group. Information that Casino does not confirm. This would essentially be hypermarkets and supermarkets located in non-priority areas for Casino, but also Franprix convenience stores. The agreement provides for two waves of disposals, and a third optional one at the request of the Saint-Etienne distributor. The first wave of disposals, including stores with a total turnover of 600 million euros, will be completed by the end of the year. The second (550 million euros in turnover) within three years. The third represents 500 million in turnover. To meet the need for fresh money from the Saint-Etienne distributor, the Musketeers will immediately pay a deposit of 190 million euros which will be deducted from the final price of the assets.

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