International Film Festival on the 15th; 51 countries participating; 102 image output

Chennai: The 20th Chennai International Film Festival in Chennai will start on 15th and end on 22nd. 102 films from 51 countries including 12 films in Tamil will be screened.

With the support of the Government of Tamil Nadu, the 20th Chennai International Film Festival is organized in collaboration with ‘Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, PVR, Cinema’. Minister Saminathan will inaugurate the festival on the 15th. The film festival till the 22nd is going to be held at many places including BVR, Multiplex Theater in Chennai.

Interview given by the festival committee: A total of 102 films from 51 countries are screened at the film festival. The India-wide film category features 15 films, including three Tamil films such as Last Farmer, Malai Neramallipoo, Potanur Post Office.

In the category for Tamil films, 12 films like Aadhaar, Beginning, Baboon, Karki, Kot, Nithuphapakam, Night Shadow, Kasada Thapara, Mamanithan, Nakshatram Nagargamu, O2, Yuddha Kantam will be screened.

Films screened at ‘Oscar, Cannes, Golden Lion’ awards are screened at the Chennai International Film Festival. This time the German film AEIOU is being screened as a special screening for women.

This time, a total of nine awards are going to be announced for Tamil. The best films nominated by Dutharagam, including the Republic of Korea, are also screened. Nine short films produced by the students of MGR Film College will also be screened. For the first time, Oriya and Sanskrit films are also being screened.

Another important aspect of the film festival is that there will be 12 discussion events organized by Avicii College, where people from the field of film and literature will participate. In this, the technical experts who have worked in the films like Shadow of the Night, Beast and Ponniyinselvan will participate.

Thus they said.

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