International gang arrested in New Delhi with Rs 1.97 lakh fake notes Dinamalar

New Delhi: The New Delhi Special Force Police arrested two members of the international fraud gang who were involved in the distribution of counterfeit notes on a large scale in our country yesterday.

The Special Force Police arrested a woman named Mapia Katwan, 35, and Munish Ahmed, 57, at Anand Vihar railway station in New Delhi the day before yesterday.

One lakh, 97 thousand 500 rupees fake notes were seized from them. All 500 rupee notes.

New Delhi’s Special Force Deputy Commissioner of Police BS Kushwa said:

Fake notes worth Rs 1 lakh were seized from Mapia Kathuan and fake notes worth Rs 97,500 from Munish Amatu. Based on a tip-off, we arrested both of them.

They have printed it so precisely that it is impossible to tell the difference between it and the real banknotes. Mafia got these fake notes from Malta in West Bengal. He was caught when he came to give it to Munish Ahmed for distribution in New Delhi.

Both of them have circulated fake notes worth Rs 40 lakh in New Delhi in the last two years. These have infiltrated into our country through the India-Bangladesh border. We are investigating the others involved.

This is what he said.

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