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Vladimir Selensky confirms that Donbass is wholly owned by Russia. Nearly 100 civilians were reported killed in a Russian missile attack yesterday alone. Meanwhile, human rights groups have released footage of Russia detaining more than 100 soldiers from Mariupol and taking them by bus to Russian territory.

As the attack entered its third month, Russia’s focus was on capturing the port city of Mariupol. Despite the continued deployment and offensive of troops in the eastern part of Ukraine, Ukraine strengthened its defenses and inflicted heavy casualties on Russia.

Russia has been carrying out heavy missile strikes over the past week in the Donbass region, next to the Donsteek Luhansk region, which Russia has previously claimed. Russia is accused of destroying the city in a completely uninhabitable way. Ukraine’s president has accused Russia of turning its provinces into “graveyards” that could not be restored, even at the cost of billions. Russia, which has ruled the shadow of Donetsk and Luhansk surrendering to Ukrainian rebels, is concentrating its attacks on neighboring provinces.

Meanwhile, the US Senate unanimously passed a recommendation to provide more financial assistance to Ukraine. It will provide Ukraine with $ 40 million in emergency aid. In addition, the United States has stepped up its efforts to supply Ukraine with missiles capable of defending the Russian navy.

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