Interpretation The “Tehran” series and the Iranian intelligence service

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On November 22, 2021, the “Tehran” series won the International Emmy Award in the category of best drama series.

The fighter’s mission is to gather sensitive intelligence and disrupt Iran’s radar array, in order to allow an air force attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, as part of Israel’s efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The fighter, exposed by the Iranian intelligence service, tries to evade, and by the way discovers that her commander, is a double agent, who works for Iranian intelligence.

The drama series and the honorable mention of winning the international award provided a brief, though very inaccurate and sometimes even misleading, glimpse into the world of intelligence operations in general, and the intelligence services of Israel and Iran in particular.

The Iranian secret service man, Faraz Kamali, who is pursuing the Israeli fighter, is a senior official of the MOIS (also known as VEVAK) or the Ministry of Intelligence. The MOIS was established in the early 1980s, about four years after the Iranian Revolution (1979) and the rise of the rule of the ayatollahs.

The MOIS began operating in place of the intelligence organization, SAVAK, which was established by the Shah with American assistance and according to some of the visible sources, apparently even Israeli and ceased to exist after the revolution. It is the largest and most dynamic intelligence organization in the Middle East, reporting directly to the President and reporting to the Supreme Leader.

The organization, according to estimates, employs more than 30,000 people and works side by side with Revolutionary Guards bodies, such as the Quds Force, in joint operations inside and outside Iran. If we compare the roles of the organization to the State of Israel, then MOIS has a number of positions similar to the Mossad, the GSS and the National Security Council (the Ministry of Defense’s security body).

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Among its many functions, the main ones can be mentioned. Conducting offensive intelligence operations, including eliminating personalities, eliminating regime opponents and establishing coverage infrastructure in various countries, to enable operational activity of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, similar to the July 2012 attack in Burgas, Bulgaria, in which seven Israelis and 35 others were killed.

Gathering intelligence around the world by collecting electronic and communications signals (comment) and activating agents (Yumint). The MOIS employs agents of mainly Iranian origin or Muslims in various countries, in order to gather military, technological and political intelligence. One of the more familiar cases is the operation of former Israeli Minister Gonen Segev, who worked for the MOIS to gather intelligence on infrastructure in Israel.

Carrying out cyber attacks against state bodies, government ministries, business companies and academic bodies, in order to gather intelligence and cause image and infrastructure damage. One of the organization’s main efforts is to attack, disrupt and disable critical state infrastructures, such as energy, water, health and transportation facilities.

Just about a week ago, two Iranians, apparently employees of the organization, were accused in the United States of trying to attack the country’s polling stations and influence the 2020 election results. Industrial and technological espionage, including the procurement and acquisition of Western (and Israeli) weapons and technologies, which enables Iran to carry out engineering reconstruction and improve its defense industry, as well as its nuclear industry.

An examination of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry in Iran, for example, can show the great similarity of these aircraft to unmanned aerial vehicles made in Israel. Counterterrorism and hostile terrorist activity, and espionage inside Iran (missions similar to GSS missions).

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The MOIS operates a large organization under it, which is responsible for psychological warfare and misinformation, designed to assist Iran in achieving its political and political goals through network influence campaigns.

The MOIS is considered a sophisticated organization, whose people are carefully selected after a long series of physical and personal acceptance tests. The character of the senior MOIS, featured in the TV series, characterizes the members of the organization, imbued with faith, creative, and determined to defend the rule of the ayatollahs.

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