Intimate video of Daniel Sancho that would save him from the death penalty for Arrieta’s crime – Asia – International

Intimate video of Daniel Sancho that would save him from the death penalty for Arrieta’s crime – Asia – International

2023-10-02 16:37:51

On October 8, two months will have passed since Daniel Sancho confessed to the crime of Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta in Thailand. Since then, the Spaniard has remained held in a prison in the Asian country and it is expected that his sentence will be known by the beginning of 2024.

While the day of the trial arrives, Sancho’s defense from Spain is working on evidence and documentation that can free the chef from a death sentence in Thailand, and, if possible, achieve extradition to Europe.

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On this occasion, Daniel Sancho’s defense would have in their possession a video with explicit content that could be key in the case, since according to the newspaper ‘La Razón’

“Daniel, in his statement, says that he was afraid of Edwin, that he coerced him. And this is the news, he did it with a sexual video of Daniel, and he also threatened to harm very close members of his family, to whom Daniel loves very much,” said journalist Gema Peñalosa.

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The Spanish chef’s sentence has not yet been determined.

The material of this video has not been revealed to the public, however, it is expected that the chef’s defense will use it as one of the evidence to prove that Daniel Sancho was a “victim of harassment” by the Colombian.

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If this video is accepted as evidence and the judge determines that what the defense claims is true, Sancho’s sentence could be reduced by up to 15 years.

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Daniel Sancho’s sentence will be determined by three Thai judges who are studying the case and who will reach a verdict at the beginning of 2024. If it is proven that the chef acted premeditated, he will have to serve a life sentence or a prison sentence. death.

Daniel Sancho has not asked for forgiveness from the King of Thailand for his crime: why?

Daniel Sancho has few options to avoid being sentenced to the death penalty. After the trial that will take place in the coming months and in which it will be decided whether the Spaniard acted premeditated or not, it will be decided whether the Spaniard will be sentenced to prison or the death penalty.

One of the options that Sancho has, and that he has not used, is to ask for mercy from King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who could free him from the sentences in the case.

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According to the newspaper ‘La Razón’, Sancho has not requested a royal pardon and does not have a Thai lawyer who can represent him in a trial, as requested by the regulations of that country.

Sancho can apologize to the King within 60 days so that he can avoid the death penalty and convert it into a life sentence, a request that can be accepted or denied.

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The chef’s second option is to request the commutation of the sentence and send a letter to the king on the occasion of his birthday, which will be next July 28, for this to be possible, he will have to pay a sentence of at least 8 years

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