Introducing the Royal Enfield SG650 Concept

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The Royal Enfield SG650 bike is set to be unveiled at the 2021 EICMA arena for the first time, using a 650cc engine, which is set to be introduced as a stylish model in a mix of Classic and Modern.

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Will the future production model be called the Royal Enfield Shotgun because it is referred to as the SG? There is no definite information about. The company has previously registered the name Shotgun.

The currently released Concept Level SG650 looks like a cruiser with a 650cc engine that has been subjected to road test driving before.

Mark Wells, Head of Design for the RE SG650, said:

The SG650 Concept, which is similar in style to the Baber style, features a single seat, narrow handle, small front and rear fenders, bar-end mirrors and bulky tires. The headlight has a retro-style glossy aluminum finish, and the CNC billet aluminum fuel tank features CNC billet aluminum alloy wheel with digital graphics similar to modern motorcycles.

Royal Enfield SG650 headlight

The SG650 concept will feature a 650cc, parallel-twin engine with digital graphics, and a USD fork with dual shock absorber on the rear and dual disc brakes. Further details will be available at the 2021 EICMA Arena.

Royal Enfield SG650 handlebarRoyal Enfield SG650 rearRoyal Enfield SG650 side

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