Invention of five friends, which saved 3000 lives from heart attack

Invention of five friends, which saved 3000 lives from heart attack

After losing a friend to a heart attack in 2016, Rajat Jain from Dehradun, along with four of his friends, developed a device called ‘Spandan’, which can tell the condition of the heart within minutes without going to the hospital.

If the biggest disease is detected at the right time, then we can save the lives of our loved ones. But in heart attack cases it was extremely difficult to make it possible. To find out the heartbeat, we had to go to the hospital, so that ECG could be done. To solve this serious problem, Rajat Jain of Dehradun, along with his friends, has invented a device called ‘Spandan’.

This device is proving to be extremely beneficial because of the right timing and size. After losing a friend to a heart attack in 2016, he got the idea to make a heart rate measuring machine.

After almost four years of research and experimentation, he made a small device named Spandan, which detects the heartbeat within minutes, while living in India. This machine is nothing less than a boon for the people living in remote areas.

Often in these places ECG facility is available in some hospital away from the village. In such a situation, many people lose their lives while reaching the hospital. Rajat explains that if detected at the right time, we can save many lives by taking the patient directly to the doctor.

Spandan has thus far saved the lives of more than three thousand people.

Rajat and his Team

Rajat runs a company called Sunfox Technologies along with his friends Saurabh, Sambit, Nitin and Arpit. Last year, he also reached the stage of Shark Tank India with his invention.

Rajat told that he got funds as well as recognition across the country from the platform of Shark Tank India. Here everyone was stunned to see 99.7% accuracy of this machine. Using this machine is also very easy.

Any human can use it just like a blood-pressure machine. It works through an app. Spandan weighs just 12 grams. You can connect to it through an app on your phone. Spandan ECG App guides you how to complete the test.

It works through artificial intelligence and immediately tells you whether you need to consult a doctor or not. That is, with the help of this one can reach the doctor in time.

No invention is considered successful until it reaches the common man. Rajat and his team are trying to make this device that tells the condition of the heart, like a thermometer and a machine for checking blood pressure, reach every household.

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Editing- Archana Dubey

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