Investigation Launched After Viral Video Shows Penalty Imposed for Non-Alcoholic DUI Offense

Investigation Launched After Viral Video Shows Penalty Imposed for Non-Alcoholic DUI Offense

The state of Tamil Nadu has increased traffic fines to reduce accidents and accidental deaths. Two-wheeler drivers who don’t wear helmets are fined Rs 1,000, while drunk drivers are fined Rs 10,000. The traffic police and local police stations are involved in enforcing the fines. A video of police stopping a driver for drunk driving, despite the driver not having consumed alcohol, went viral. The driver, named Deepak, was fined Rs 10,000 and requested a blood test to prove he had not consumed alcohol. After further tests, Deepak was found to not have been drinking and was allowed to leave. The incident is being investigated for any technical glitches or malpractice by the police. High Court lawyer DS Parthasarathy said that a wrongfully accused driver can sue the police officer under Section 200 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and claim compensation under civil and criminal laws, as well as request departmental action against the officer.

Chennai: The increased fine amount is being collected in Tamil Nadu as part of the measures to reduce accidents and accidental deaths.

In particular, a fine of Rs 1,000 is levied on two-wheeler drivers who do not wear helmets and Rs 10,000 on drunk driving. Not only the traffic police but also the police of the respective area police station are involved in this inspection.

It has been alleged that the traffic police in Chennai is increasing day by day. In this case, a video in which the police pulled over a person who was driving without drinking alcohol and fined him for drinking alcohol is going viral on social media.

Deepak hails from Chennai. He was driving to his house near DDK road in Chennai last night. At that time, the police on surveillance duty wrapped him up and tested him with a breathalyser to see if he had consumed alcohol.

It showed that he had consumed alcohol (45 percent). Deepak was fined Rs 10,000 for drunk driving and given a receipt. Enraged by this, he refused to buy the receipt and said, ‘He is not in the habit of drinking alcohol. The device you tested is incorrect. Take me to Kilpakkam Government Hospital and do blood test. I am ready to come. What you have is a can machine. “That’s why the machine falsely shows that I am drunk,” he argued with the police.

In response, the guards did not accept his argument and acted beyond the limit. In response Deepak accuses you of filing a false case. half an hour
After some time some more policemen were called with new breathalyzer equipment and Deepak was breathalyzed twice in quick succession. In it, it was shown that Deepak did not drink alcohol. After that, the police allowed Deepak to leave.

A video of a police arresting a non-drinker for allegedly consuming alcohol has gone viral on social media. In this case, Deepak, who was affected by the violation of the police, released a video and expressed his concern. In it, they claim that I am drunk and use the machine to cheat me like this. So, everyone be alert’, he said in it.

Additional Commissioner of Traffic Police Kapil Kumar C. Sarathkar said, “There are 245 breath analyzers in Chennai. In this, 70 people were tested by the relevant equipment only the day before yesterday. One of them is Deepak. This may have happened due to a technical glitch. I have ordered a detailed investigation into the matter. If the police are involved in malpractice, strict action will be taken without any bias,” he said.

A case can be filed against the police: In this regard, High Court lawyer DS Parthasarathy says, “According to Section 185, 202 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, if the driver has 30 mg of alcohol in 100 mg of blood, the police can arrest the driver without any arrest warrant and fine him.

At the same time, if the police falsely accuses a non-intoxicated person of driving under the influence of alcohol, the concerned police officer can be sued under Section 200 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and can claim compensation under civil and criminal laws. Departmental action may also be requested against that officer.”


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