Investigations against five police officers for child pornography

GAGEN five police officers in Baden-Württemberg are being investigated for possession of child pornographic material. As the State Criminal Police Office and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ulm announced on Tuesday, investigations originally carried out on suspicion of hate speech and the dissemination of signs of unconstitutional organizations have now been expanded to include the new allegations.

The original investigations against a 28-year-old police officer were therefore started at the end of October. This is said to have spread criminally relevant content via a messenger service in various chat groups. In the course of the investigation, other police officers were then investigated on suspicion of distributing license plates of unconstitutional organizations.

The State Criminal Police Office then took over the investigation and since then has checked around 6,000 chat groups. Further messages with criminally relevant content were discovered, in which a total of around 70 police officers were involved.

Based on the evaluation of mobile phones, five police officers are now being investigated who are said to have received a video with child pornography content from one of the previously accused police officers in a chat group.

In this context, there were also searches and confiscations of other mobile phones, hardware and storage media. The investigations are therefore continuing.


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