Investigative journalism: There may be five times more patients with covid in the Russian Federation | News from Germany about Russia | DW

The Ministry of Health has added more than 29 million entries to the register of patients with coronavirus infection, which is five times more than the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus (6 million) officially reports, according to a journalistic investigation of the online publications Meduza, Mediazona and Kholod. published on Tuesday 20 July.

As the text explains, the journalists analyzed QR codes on certificates for those who had had a coronavirus infection, which were sent to the Russians by the State Services portal. The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Digital Industry) is responsible for its work.

Certificate numbers were issued by the Ministry of Health

To create the so-called unique register record number (UNRZ), the portal takes data from the Federal Register of Persons with New Coronavirus Infection, compiled by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The authors of the investigation believe that the Ministry of Digital Industry accidentally declassified the scale of the covid epidemic in the Russian Federation, making the data of the Ministry of Health available to external persons through the serial numbers of the State Services certificates.

Russia may rank third in the world in cases of coronavirus

According to journalists, if these data correspond to reality, then in terms of the absolute number of cases of coronavirus, Russia should rank third in the world, and in terms of a million inhabitants it would rise from 85th place to first.

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