Investors today manage millions in real estate, but do it with Excel: an Israeli startup wants to change that

Instead of messing with sheets and emails, Agora wants investors and companies to work with a modern system adapted to the field. Insight fund is already inside

Photo: Agora

Although we hear almost every day about huge real estate deals that close for tens of millions of dollars, it turns out that behind the scenes the world of real estate investments is left somewhere in the 90s with Excel sheets and mountains of emails. But an Israeli startup wants to leave these technologies behind, and is developing a system that will help real estate investors manage their investments in a much more modern way.

Both for companies and investors

Agora’s platform for investors is actually a type of dashboard that concentrates the investor’s entire portfolio in one place. By clicking on one of the projects or properties, you can see all the details about it and the important documents. The system also centralizes all documents in the cloud and allows you to sign them digitally, or search for them in the built-in search engine.

For real estate investment companies there is a dedicated dashboard for investment management. In the assets tab you can find all the important information about each property and create automated reports for each and every investor, while in the investors tab you can find all the information about each investor through the company and related documents, and in the documents tab you can Manage all company documents, and share them with other parties with different privileges.

Photo: Agora

In a conversation with Bar Mor, CEO of Agora, he says that the main goal of the product is to help real estate companies that raise funds from private investors to manage their relationship with their investors on a financial level, on an interpersonal level as well as on the level of taxation and compliance. Moore reports over 150 clients (although he does not specify which of them are paying clients), who manage over $40 billion in assets with 14,000 investors and 28,000 investments.

In addition, in the last year the company developed a system for raising funds for projects that enables automation and should speed up the process of raising funds and signing agreements. When I ask Barr if this is not simply a CRM system for the worlds of real estate investments, he replies that “today we provide much more than a system for managing information and automating processes, but a system that provides practical solutions that those entities need. These are complementary products to our software, which allow our customers to have a one stop shop with all their needs in dealing with investors and new transactions, all in one place, convenient, technological and accessible.’

And now Insight is also inside

Today (Wednesday) Agora announces the completion of fundraising A in the amount of 20 million dollars, which was led by Insight Partners, in which the Aleph Fund also participated. So far Agora has raised about 29 million dollars since its establishment. Agora was founded in 2019 by Bar Mor, Lior Dolinsky and Noam Kahn. Insight joins the first investors

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Among the existing investors in the company are Aleph Fund, River Park Ventures Fund and Maccabbee Ventures; Angels Ran Schrig and Effie Cohen, the founders of Datorama; Sarit Piron from Team8; Doron Meyersdorff, CEO of StoreDot; Hanan Mor, father of the entrepreneur; and the Fusion program of Guy Katsovich and Yair Vardi.

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