Ion Aramendi’s devastating speech refuting Oriana in ‘GH VIP’

Ion Aramendi’s devastating speech refuting Oriana in ‘GH VIP’

2023-10-02 01:50:58

«It has been a decision that has generated a lot of controversy. Today we are going to tell you the only truth”, this is how Ion Aramendi started the ‘GH VIP’ debate. There was a lot of iron. Oriana Marzoli is no longer in the contest and the program took pains to make it clear that she had left voluntarily, despite the fact that she guarantees on her social networks that she did not abandon. «We are not going to start arguing about the many theories that are being considered. ‘GH”s contractual relationship is only with Oriana, with no one else. “She wanted her boyfriend to come in and there was never an agreement for that to happen,” the presenter explained very seriously, covering his speech with images of the abandonment.

And it was clear. Oriana abandoned. “It all started when he saw that Alex, his enemy, was not expelled and that, on top of that, some shouts outside the house called him the winner,” Aramendi compiled. His words were accompanied by videos in which Oriana was seen entering the confessional very angry, threatening that the program had to take action against Alex Caniggia. «Not to me, injustices like that. The anger I have is not even half normal. If you stand here and allow everything, I’m not going to play. I’m leaving, I don’t give a shit. I want you to open that fucking door right now and get out. I can not take anymore. I want to talk to my ‘fucking’ representative because I feel like leaving. How bad! I can’t stand being here. We’ll see how we solve it. You’re going to find out how I have to say something to him because I swear to God that I’m going to start insulting him like a crazy bitch. I swear. Look, open up for me because I want to go for production,” he concluded. To finish confirming the matter, the Super asked: “Do you want to leave the contest?” And the aforementioned replied: «Yes, I can’t take it anymore. “I’m fed up.”

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Once it was evident that Ariana was a total abandonment, Aramendi continued explaining. «The production door that Oriana refers to faces the street. It’s the way out and she knew very well what she was doing. Nobody kicks Oriana out. She is the one who decides to leave. Another thing is that she regrets it once she is gone. And we’re not going to get into the bad, horrible ways she talks to the team. And I’m going to allow myself to add something. This format is larger than each of the contestants who have gone through it. It’s bigger than all the presenters who are lucky enough to participate in it. It’s only yours. If you are not aware of this, thank you very much and goodbye. she ditched. And in case there were any more doubts, they provided the audience with a video in which the diva whims that the young woman has squandered during her short stay in ‘GH VIP’ were clearly seen, ignoring the organization’s requirements because she was not hair or makeup enough.

For the rest, Laura Bozzo and Karina have already reconciled, the Peruvian backed down and hugged the singer, burying the hatchet; and the drama of the night was drawn by Luitingo when he broke up with his girlfriend in tears because he had begun to have feelings for Marta at the contest. Ah! And Jessica, Michael and Karina have been saved by the audience. Now the type Sol Macaluso, Laura Bozzo and Alex Caniggia are playing.

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