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If you want to snap impressive photos, you don’t necessarily need an expensive camera for professionals. Every year, the winners of the “iPhone Photography Award” show what is possible even with a smartphone.

The only requirement to take part in this photo competition, which is organized independently from Apple: All photos submitted must have been taken with an iPhone or iPad.

BILD shows the winners of the “iPhone Photography Awards 2021”, who prove how beautiful it is to take pictures with a cell phone!

The iPhone photos of 2021

The main prize as photographer of the year this year goes to the Hungarian Istvan Kerekes (winner photo see above). He photographed two Transylvanian shepherds in a frozen field, each carrying a lamb. Exciting: He didn’t use Apple’s current iPhone generation for this, but the iPhone 7 from 2016.

In addition to the main prize for Kerekes, places one to three were awarded for the photos of the year. These are the winners:

The Indian Sharan Shetty photographed this scene in Azerbaijan with an iPhone X and thus took first place

Photo: Sharan Shetty, IPPAWARDS

Teaser picture

Second place goes to the Chinese Dan Liu, who took this photo in the Chinese province of Qinghai with an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Photo: Dan Liu, IPPAWARDS

Teaser picture

Third place went to the American Jeff Ryaner with this photo from Los Angeles, which was taken with an iPhone X.

Foto: Jeff Rayner, IPPAWARDS



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