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iPhone swipe gesture tips: You can also record music into videos

For iPhone users, the accustomed and intuitive operation interface is quite easy to use. However, in addition to the way you can see it at first glance, there are actually many gesture operations on the iPhone that are quite interesting. Here we are going to share a few tips for iPhone gesture swiping!

1. Play music while recording

Generally speaking, when we start the video action, the action that is playing the music will also stop.But if we want to record it together with the music as background music, just turn on the camera mode and use theShutter slide rightto enter the recording mode, it will be recorded together with the music being played.

(Additional: If you hold down the shutter and slide to the left, continuous shooting will start)

2. Flashlight off

When the flashlight is on, quickly swipe to the left from the right edge of the entire screen on the screen lock screen.

3. Computer correction

If you type a wrong number, you can swipe from left to right in the number field to decrease the number one by one.

4. Message multiple choice

In “Messages”, you don’t need to click to edit, just use two fingers to swipe from top to bottom, you can select multiple messages for follow-up viewing to “read” or “delete”.

5. Switch Apps

There is a small white bar at the bottom of the application screen, and you can quickly switch between applications by swiping left and right.


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